Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Long time no see...

So its has been over a year since I have been on my Blog. It has been a WHIRLWIND year with so much happening. Well the biggest thing is my darling baby Olivia, she arrived on October 6, 2009. she is 8 months, almost 9 months and is the cutest thing ever in HISTORY!!!

Rocky turned 5 and had a Handy Manny birthday with 35 kids that attended!! It was a crazy day but so much fun for him. His aunt Ginny and Uncle Russel were able to come from Utah and it was a special day. He also starts kindergarten this school year, it is amazing how fast a perfect baby grows in to a little back talking rambunctious boy. He is really growing into an amazing kid. We also moved last year into a single family home, having the extra space and a back yard has been HEAVEN. Rocky is meeting new kids in our neighborhood.

Also my Roo dog died, he was such a good boy and we miss him a lot. we had him cremated and so it is a little better knowing he is still in our home. I know that sounds kinda weird. Our house was so quiet without him, so we got a English lab that at full grown will be 125 pounds or more. he chews everything but other than that is a good dog. Very cute!

Ricardo, started his own business about a year ago and it has taken off, he is loving setting his own hours and being able to work from home. I Love staying home with my babies and being able to watch them grow. My daycare really took off as well which at first was a huge relief now we are settled in and I am enjoying the kids (most of the time) well speaking of which these kids have been sitting at my table so better go for now. promise not to let another year go by...

Monday, May 18, 2009

making jam...

Yesterday I really wanted some homemade strawberry jam. It is so sweet and delicious and I love it. So I made some! It took me like 6 hours working in between the jam and cleaning house. When I was all done I wanted to eat it, but you have to wait 24 hours to let it set. So I will really enjoy my yummy jam with some whole made bread tomorrow. YUM YUM!

Sunday, May 3, 2009


So our family as many of you know have a Library of DVDs. and it is well worth over $10,000. Every tuesday we are at target buying the new releases. Well with much talk and the economy we have decided to join netflix. it is $9 a month apposed to the $300 we spend. I can watch as many movies as I want and I dont even have to go to the store to buy them. Its pretty cool and I have a little extra in the bank to spend on toys for Rocky...LOL! One obstacle at a time.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have this little motor mouth constintly giving me info about fireman, cars, and telling me to say things. asking me how things work, the word "Mommy" has really been over used. His name is Ricardo Nathaniel Yuly (Rocky) and while I love him to pieces..OMG GIVE ME 5 MINUTES OF QUIET! LOL I tried teaching him the quiet game and it was so funny. I told him Rocky the first person who talks looses. he closed his mouth for about 20 seconds and said "Did I win?"

The other night I was making dinner, Ricardo and him were playing fireman(big surprise) and he came over to me and said mommy can you put my jacket on? HE WAS WITH HIS DAD!!!!???? Then another time he was upstairs and wanted a movie on, walked right past Ricardo and right to me to get up off the bed and go and put on the movie. I think I would like to be the Daddy! LOL Kids got to love em!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Loosing his baby face :(

For along time now I have looked at Roc and thought, I don't have a baby anymore. He is all grown up and is this little dirty, action figure playing, car driving, not ever wanting to cuddle with me BOY! Who would rather want to play with his friends then watch a movie with me or help me make brownies. I know it happens to all boys, and I have to cut the chord, I just expected it to be in like 20 years or so...Rocky had other plans I guess. He is still the sweet little precious thing he has always been just not the same. Even his face and teeth are getting bigger. He has gone thru a little growth spurt and is wearing boy clothes not baby toddler stuff. He even knows the difference between the "MJ's and the shoes at target I used to get him. I love the way he is, and the independence that I have had but I do miss my little baby I used to have to hold and change and totally fully depended on me...
I guess in ten years or so when he is a teen about ready to get his license, I'll have other problems to face, but for now it is missing my baby.

Rocky the builder!

A couple of weeks ago Rocky and his Ricardo decided that they need to build a shed for Rockys tonka trucks, it took them all day and they were on a budget so it is kinda breaking already but it was so fun to see them work together and use the saws and hammers. They even painted it red and put rocky's name on it. After all was done the boys had had a lot of fun together and we filthy dirty!

Here is the outcome of the building prodject...

Rocky's new ride

For Easter Rocky must have been extra special because he got such an exciting present, it was a power wheels ford f-150 two seater truck. He rides around the neighborhood picking up the local kids and taking them for rides. It has a real working Radio and a little bed in the back(truck bed that is.)

It was really funny the first night he had it, we didn't really have a space prepared for it and so it was kinda just chillin in the kitchen. I had given Rocky his bath, gave him his glass of milk and was just finishing reading a book to him and announced "Ok, little man it is time to go to sleep!" He looked up at me with his little eyes and pointy lips and said " mommy I really just want to go sit in my truck for a second and say good night"


So we went down stairs I let him have the few minutes he needed to tuck his truck in for the night, it was pretty cute.